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New Delhi – Bharti Airtel is likely to launch its high—speed Internet services 4G by September in Delhi. Airtel already has a working 4G LTE network in four cities in India Bangalore, Pune, Chandigarh, Kolkata and Delhi being the fifth addition.

Airtel LogoBharti Airtel has slashed 4G data tariff by over 30 per cent recently. The telco also plans to rollout 4G services in Mumbai later this year. Huawei is likely to plan, design, supply and deploy Airtel’s 4G network in Delhi.

The company, which recently reduced 4G data tariffs by up to 31 per cent, is trying to boost up data usage and increase adoption for its 4G service for improving revenues.

4G LTE is the next generation mobile standard that aims to significantly improve current data transfer speeds. Theoretically, the standard allows download speed up to 100 Mbps. The Airtel website mentions that Airtel’s 4G is five times faster than the 3G services. But various users have complained that Airtel is throttling the speed at 10 Mbps since the price cut.

Airtel’s rival Reliance Jio Infocomm (erstwhile Infotel Broadband Services) has also succeeded in getting 20 Mhz BWA spectrum for Rs 12,847.71 with 20 Mhz slot.

The fourth generation, which is known as the 4G has enabled efficient surfing in the internet. To enable fast internet and browsing, the company offers Rs.450, Rs.650 and Rs.750 Airtel 4G plans that offer data quota (GBs) at rents similar to 3G plans at 4G speeds in existing circles.


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